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DevLog 4.2

Hello ladies and gentleman I have a huge devlog for you today! We've been really busy and our Premium members have seen a lot of the updates. We have a lot to show so lets get right into it! First off website updates! [b][u]Avatar Rendering:[/u][/b] We finally setup our renderer and have released...

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Devlog 4.1

Hello players!, So as I recently said in the last blog post we have been extremely busy with creating the best and most high quality things for YOU! I personally have been working on some stuff website but my primary focus has been the client and its turning out pretty well! Let's get right...

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Some stuff!

Hello everyone Hondo and I have been really busy working on the future of Bricknem! We've been working on getting things prepared for a special announcement!! We are extremely happy about everything that has been worked on and we are surprising ourselves with how much we are getting done...

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We have fixed blog posts and it is now back to functioning! Updates should be coming...

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