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Devlog 4.3

Hello Players!,
I have quite a few updates for you today! This one is a pretty big one! So let's stop wasting time and get right into it!

Website improvements

Since my old dev left I've been tasked in continuing the website on my own and I've made quite a lot of prog...

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DevLog 4.2

Hello ladies and gentleman I have a huge devlog for you today! We've been really busy and our Premium members have seen a lot of the updates. We have a lot to show so lets get right into it!

First off website updates!

Avatar Rendering:
We finally setup our renderer and have released ...

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Devlog 4.1

Hello players!,
So as I recently said in the last blog post we have been extremely busy with creating the best and most high quality things for YOU! I personally have been working on some stuff website but my primary focus has been the client and its turning out pretty well!

Let's get right into th...

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